I has an iPad now. uvu


I keep waiting for the autocorrect to kick me in the butt.

 I dont particularly like this keyboard.. Its different than the PlayBooks and stuff.

It doesnt like HatenaBlog, thats for sure xD

Okay, now Im on the computer..

Remember how I said I was waiting for autocorrect to kick me in the butt?


It did.

I was setting up an email address.

It corrects cometshard to comets hard

Aw crap.

/table flip

I need to fix this.

I.. Dont really want to be here right now. Like on the computer much at all.

I dont know why.

This isnt normal at all. .3.


Ill update more later if I can.

See ya for now.

The time change has me all messed up xD

It feels like nine, but its only eight.. Its kinda bugging me. xD